Born 1991. MA. Earned a B.F.A in Painting with Honors from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2014. Zipp lives and paints in southern Maine. She grew up near the ocean and so spent a lot of time watching the tide come in and go out, closely watching the weather and the tone shift. In part, she believes, this informed her tendency to go slow, to stare - to observe the constant and subtle changes. For Zipp, painting is most essentially about the process itself: the questioning of how to see and the contemplation of ways of seeing.

Working in oils, Zipp paints from observation: still life, portraits and outdoors.

From time to time, Zipp makes hand-painted films and glass slide-shows.

Availability for commissions is limited, please do get in touch if interested.

CV available upon request.

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A short video of Zipp painting. 2018